Thursday, 22 May 2014

"Violet Voss Cosmetics" - Review

Hey beauties....

 This is a review of the amazing Glitter by Violet Voss Cosmetics!

Let's start with the very important Violet's Secret Weapon (Loose pigment & Glitter Adhesive). This is a transparent adhesive that locks down pigments and shimmer & doesn't let them fall down (really great product if you love glitter). 

And here's  the beautiful Glitters "Tiffany" & "Electric Love":

"Tiffany" - Soft pinky glitter with demi sparkles.
"Electric Love" - Beautiful red glitter with orange sparkles.

 Here are the looks created using these glitters: 

Another series of Glitter, "Jade" & "Tristen": 

 "Jade" - full pigmented green (Tinkerbell colour)
"Tristen" - beautiful blue - turquoise colour 

And the last 3 colours: "Parker", "Wendy" & "Brenda"

"Parker" - a beautiful lilac colour
"Wendy" - whiter than fresh snow .. subtle sparkle.
"Brenda" - amazing green/blue glitter

It was the first time I tried this brand and I'll definitely keep using it, as I love their glitter, because they are all very fine, super sparkly & eye safe glitters!  All the colours are amazing, I can't wait to try the rest of them. I definitely recommend them :)

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