Friday, 28 February 2014

"Sky High" Photoshoot - some tips about Photoshoots

"Sky High" was my first photoshoot in Australia in collaboration with the absolutely amazing and talented photographer Heidi Hannele, very beautiful and professional Australian model Matilda Finnegan & really lovely Hair Stylist Jaala Brinsmead. 

 "Sky High" was published in "Like A Lion Magazine" in August 2013. As you can see from the pictures I started with very natural make up (natural make up, is when you really can't see it, but it doesn't mean you don't have it on). As even for the natural make up, the Make up Artist always puts primer & foundation to make all the skin look even, work on the correction of the face (contouring), hiding any "imperfections", cover any shine or oiliness & so on, that makes the photographer's work easier, and in the end making it all look almost invisible.

 On the second look I created Brown Smokey eyes (using my Box of Smokey Look Collection by
Nyx Cosmetic). The good thing about the second look, is that it's always easier to 'build' from the natural look, as you already have the base you need for it, so usually it never takes long.

The third look is very different, in this case you have to wipe all the eye make up, & start again, but the good thing you don't spend time doing the foundation, as you already have it. In this case I used my favourite black eyeliner "Quill" by Lime Crime. Most important is to have a stable hand, do the shape of one eye first & then do the same on the other, trying to make them even.
And in the end (my favourite part), the Creative Look. As Matilda has beautiful golden hair, the choice of golden make up was quite easy (Gold looks always great on blondes). Gold & Red go perfectly together, and the Red lips enhance the total look. For eye decoration, I used again eyeliner "Quill" & drew all that by free hand, adding some rhinestones on top & for the rest, just let your fantasy free as creativity has no limits.

So here's the magazine with our work. 4 very different looks in one photoshoot & of course a backstage video.

I hope you enjoyed it, so see you soon with some other interesting post :)

Zodiac Project - "Aries"

I was thinking, what's the best way to start your blog & I decided to tell you a little bit about one of the projects I'm working on at this moment, with the very talented photographer Ladyphoto. The Project is called "Zodiac", and here's the first Zodiac Sign "Aries".

Why did I choose this project? Because I always loved astrology and wanted to show you My creative way of doing it. The decorations (horns & headpiece) I made with my hands (so the make up it's not only decorations of the face, it's all together). So this is how I see "Aries" as Aries personalities are independent & strong willed. Being the first of the zodiac signs, they venture out and are go-getters, often leading the way.

I also attach my backstage pictures, as you can see how it all started. I usually start with make up & then work with hair. I use a simple eyeliner for decorations & decorate all by free hand. My favourite eyeliner is "Quill" (black liquid eyeliner) & Lunar Sea (white eyeliner) by Lime Crime.

And of course here's my hand made "Horns".

 Keep watching these articles as soon I'll post other "Zodiac"signs. Taurus is coming next!