Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review - "TheBodyNeeds" - Eyeshadows

Today I want to talk about these wonderful products that I had the pleasure of trying. TheBodyNeeds is a really lovely website where you can buy good quality TBN cosmetics, such as  pressed and loose eyeshadows, glitters, lipsticks, blushes, concealers, etc, and also some samples of MAC products, in case you've never tried them before (sometimes to buy the whole product is really expensive). Again,  one of the most important thing for me, they are Cruelty Free!!

But let's talk about their eyeshadows first. All of the colours I've tried are really nice, and are very sparkly (as you can see in the pictures).

  • "Supernova" - Medium Teal Blue with High Shimmer Gold 
  • "Juniper" - Ocean Blue with a Golden Duochrome 

So what can I say about these eyeshadows?

They are made from mineral pigments & other natural ingredients that give us the long  lasting coverage while allowing your skin to breathe. So they are really perfect for all types of skin.

They are really very soft & easy to apply & you don't need to use lot's of product to have a strong & intense colour. 

You can choose between 5 grams (for only $ 1.99) or 10grams (for $3.79). So as you can see the price is really very low for the quality you'll get.

They also ship internationally (I received them in Australia in only 12 days).

Thank you for reading & next time I'll talk about their lipsticks & blushes, so keep watching.....

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Zodiac Project - "Capricorn" - How it all started!!!

Today I want to continue to talk about my Zodiac Project in collaboration with the amazing photographer Ladyphoto. This is how it all started. It was our first collaboration together (and seriously I didn't plan to do a Zodiac project), even if in the end up looking like one.

I usually create all the decorations for my creative looks (the work of a Make Up Artist is not only "to draw on the face"). I always start with drawing it on any paper, as I wait for my inspiration to come and have to get it down on paper straight away: hair, makeup, decorations. So then I have the complete idea of what should be done, and after that I draw on my face chart, including the details.

It is also very important to choose the right model for your project. The photomodel should be in part an actress as well (I mean she has to know how to enter into the part), to know how to comunicate with her eyes, her movements, etc. The expressions is very important!
We had the pleasure of working on this project with the beautiful model Andjela Timani. She's absolutely amazing inside & out and she was able to trasmit our look how we've imagined it & how we wanted it.

So in the end Nataly Ladyphoto just gave it a name "Capricorn" & sent it to a magazine, where we were published in November 2013.

I always draw and plan my looks before any photoshoot, this time I didn't plan the Capricorn, but it was the right start, to think that we should definitely do ALL ZODIAC SIGNS.... and this is how this idea was born.

After that we started to work seriously on our Zodiac project. I'm responsible for the Complete Look: make up, hair, decoration & style, Nataly Ladyphoto is responsible for the photography: the right lighting, colours, special effects & post production. We work in perfect synergy & sometimes we don't need to speak to understand what exactly we need to do. We select the model that best suits a certain look, and then I start to draw my look, based on the face of the model.

At the moment we've done most of the signs, and we still have only 3 left. So soon you'll see them all. So just keep watching ;)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadows - Review

I had the pleasure of receiving these amazing products from Glamour Doll Eyes. I've never tried this brand before but I was absolutely surprised by the quality of these products.
First of all I really love the attention to the details: the design is really cool & I love that every single eyeshadow was sealed. The colours are absolutely amazing & super pigmented & they have a really big choice of colours on their website.

One of the most important things for me, is that they are animal friendly ( "vegan").

 Let's start with the very bright & vibrant "Glam Girl" & "Lexington". Glam Girl is a super bright purple & Lexington is a satin white with green sparkles !!  I really didn't expect them to be so pigmented & sparkly. You really don't need a lot of product to have a very good colour. You can see on the picture what these two eyeshadows looks like with & without flash.(To create my eyelook I used "Glam Girl" , "Lexington", "Electric Lemonade" & "Mackinac")

The next two colours are "Fiji Mermaid" & "Mackinac". The Fiji Mermaid is one of the most beautiful "greens" I've ever seen & Mackinac is mint green with red sparkle. I absolutely love the combinations of these two colours & because they are pigments you can easily use them for your eyes, face, lips & nails for more unique & striking looks. (To create this eyelook I used "Fiji Mermaid", "Mackinac", "Lexington" & "Electric Lemonade")

And the last two are "Electric Lemonade" & "Jailhouse Jumpsuit" . Electric Lemonade is a vivid yellow with medium sheen & Jailhouse Jumpsuit is a very bright & sparkle orange. Again they go perfectly togheter & could be great for summer or autumn looks. (To create this eyelook I used "Glam Girl" , "Lexington", "Electric Lemonade" & "Mackinac")

I also share my video where you can see how actually these beautiful products look like & how they sparkle. I really advice to all of you (especially if you like beautiful colours & don't afraid to do interesting experiments with your look) to try Glamour Doll Eyes products. And even if you don't like "extreem" colours & you prefer "normal" everyday looks you can still find many beautiful colours for you there.

Skincare - Elements Bioactive Review (Part I)

Today I want to talk to you about this amazing skincare brand that I discovered not so long ago. I had a big pleasure & honour to become the cover girl for Elements Bioactive & obviously I tried their products first.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality I found & the sensation the products leave on your skin. Their philosophy is "age less, feel good... naturally”. They do their own research, development, testing and manufacturing, which means they have complete control over all the products.
 So the most importat thing I can tell about them, they are 100% Australian, designed for the Australian climate & Made with Australian herbs, fruits and oils. 

For many years I have only chosen natural products because if you don't read the labels you will never know what you are actually putting on your skin and how many 'poisons' and toxic chemicals we can expose ourselves to without knowing it.  Elements Bioactive are free from harsh and toxic chemicals & they all have pure aromatherapy scents (if you smell at least one of them you'll understand what I mean, all the products smell sooooo good).

So after treating your face/hands/body to these products you'll definitely notice visible skin improvements as they have clinically proven results (and one of the most important things for me that I ALWAYS check is that THEY ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS).

To take care of your face & to keep it youthful for as long as you can, any girl (woman) should have a good cleanser, toner, scrub, mask and face cream (ideally you would be using both day & night cream). This is probably the most essential "elements" in your facial skin care. So let's start with the products:

SERENE - ultra mild luxuriant creamy cleanser.
It's a really good cleanser for sensitive and fragile skin that is prone to irritation and less resistant to daily stresses. You should just apply a small amount of it and gently massage your face in a circular motion.  After that just remove all traces of cleanser with purifying toner or rinse with tepid water.

 PRISTINE - phyto-gentle herbal purifying toner
It's a really gentle toner that doen't contain any alcohol or harsh astringents that may dry your skin. It's all based on beneficial fruit and plant extracts and pure aromatherapy oils. Ideally you should use it twice for day, morning & evening as it will prepare your skin for moisturiser.

CHI - aromatherapy revitalising tonic
I really love this toner as it hydrates, refreshes and revitalises your skin anytime anywhere. It's ideal for preparing your skin for make up & give a boost of moisture during hot summer days or long haul flights. You can spray it on your skin at any time and it will give it an immediate boost of moisture & freshness, essential if you wear make up every day.

PARASOL - multi-active daily shield moisturiser
It's perfect for Normal, dehydrated and combination skin, protects the skin from five types of daily stress: UV-light, urban toxins, heat, cold and oxidation. Apply in the morning to cleanse face and neck but let it absorb before applying make-up.
BUFF - daily gentle skin polishing scrub
I'm absolutely in love with this scrub as it always leaves my skin soft, smooth and radiant (I really love how my face feels after it). It eliminates skin impurities, traces of make-up, dirt and dead skin cells. Use Buff twice a week or more frequently if your skin is oily.

SPLENDID - bio repair and ultra hydrating mask
This amazing anti-ageing mask provides intense and long-lasting hydration, improves skin smoothness, firmness and suppleness. Use it weekly and it will stimulate collagen regeneration and wrinkle repair, so your skin will stay younger for longer.

These are the products I tried and I would reccomend to all of you.  As I said before, I was really surprised by the quality I found, and as a Make Up Artist it's such an important job to keep your skin clean & healthy after using make up quite often (but of course remember that beauty always starts from the inside, so drink plenty of water & eat healthy natural foods, more fruits and vegetables so your skin will stayvibrant, fresh and supple.

Next time I'm going to write about more Elements Bioactive products so watch this space...