Sunday, 16 March 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadows - Review

I had the pleasure of receiving these amazing products from Glamour Doll Eyes. I've never tried this brand before but I was absolutely surprised by the quality of these products.
First of all I really love the attention to the details: the design is really cool & I love that every single eyeshadow was sealed. The colours are absolutely amazing & super pigmented & they have a really big choice of colours on their website.

One of the most important things for me, is that they are animal friendly ( "vegan").

 Let's start with the very bright & vibrant "Glam Girl" & "Lexington". Glam Girl is a super bright purple & Lexington is a satin white with green sparkles !!  I really didn't expect them to be so pigmented & sparkly. You really don't need a lot of product to have a very good colour. You can see on the picture what these two eyeshadows looks like with & without flash.(To create my eyelook I used "Glam Girl" , "Lexington", "Electric Lemonade" & "Mackinac")

The next two colours are "Fiji Mermaid" & "Mackinac". The Fiji Mermaid is one of the most beautiful "greens" I've ever seen & Mackinac is mint green with red sparkle. I absolutely love the combinations of these two colours & because they are pigments you can easily use them for your eyes, face, lips & nails for more unique & striking looks. (To create this eyelook I used "Fiji Mermaid", "Mackinac", "Lexington" & "Electric Lemonade")

And the last two are "Electric Lemonade" & "Jailhouse Jumpsuit" . Electric Lemonade is a vivid yellow with medium sheen & Jailhouse Jumpsuit is a very bright & sparkle orange. Again they go perfectly togheter & could be great for summer or autumn looks. (To create this eyelook I used "Glam Girl" , "Lexington", "Electric Lemonade" & "Mackinac")

I also share my video where you can see how actually these beautiful products look like & how they sparkle. I really advice to all of you (especially if you like beautiful colours & don't afraid to do interesting experiments with your look) to try Glamour Doll Eyes products. And even if you don't like "extreem" colours & you prefer "normal" everyday looks you can still find many beautiful colours for you there.


  1. Love ur review! I agree...GDE shadows are AAAHHHHHHHmazing! I recommend Blueberry will knock ur socks off. It is seriously the most gorgeous color I have ever seen...especially applied wet.

  2. @Melissa... thank you so much!! I'm really glad you like it!! Yeah, I definitely have to try Blueberry Lush as well!! :D Thanks for suggestion!!