Sunday, 23 March 2014

Zodiac Project - "Capricorn" - How it all started!!!

Today I want to continue to talk about my Zodiac Project in collaboration with the amazing photographer Ladyphoto. This is how it all started. It was our first collaboration together (and seriously I didn't plan to do a Zodiac project), even if in the end up looking like one.

I usually create all the decorations for my creative looks (the work of a Make Up Artist is not only "to draw on the face"). I always start with drawing it on any paper, as I wait for my inspiration to come and have to get it down on paper straight away: hair, makeup, decorations. So then I have the complete idea of what should be done, and after that I draw on my face chart, including the details.

It is also very important to choose the right model for your project. The photomodel should be in part an actress as well (I mean she has to know how to enter into the part), to know how to comunicate with her eyes, her movements, etc. The expressions is very important!
We had the pleasure of working on this project with the beautiful model Andjela Timani. She's absolutely amazing inside & out and she was able to trasmit our look how we've imagined it & how we wanted it.

So in the end Nataly Ladyphoto just gave it a name "Capricorn" & sent it to a magazine, where we were published in November 2013.

I always draw and plan my looks before any photoshoot, this time I didn't plan the Capricorn, but it was the right start, to think that we should definitely do ALL ZODIAC SIGNS.... and this is how this idea was born.

After that we started to work seriously on our Zodiac project. I'm responsible for the Complete Look: make up, hair, decoration & style, Nataly Ladyphoto is responsible for the photography: the right lighting, colours, special effects & post production. We work in perfect synergy & sometimes we don't need to speak to understand what exactly we need to do. We select the model that best suits a certain look, and then I start to draw my look, based on the face of the model.

At the moment we've done most of the signs, and we still have only 3 left. So soon you'll see them all. So just keep watching ;)

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