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Natural Look For Photoshoots

Hey Beauties.....

Today I want to share with you, how important is to know how to create a natural look for a photoshoot. If you are a Make Up Artist (or a model that doesn't have a make up artist on set), very often you'll be asked to create a natural look for the portfolio. It is one of the most important beauty pictures in the model's portfolio, because when the models are being selected from their pictures, the natural look has to absolutely correspond with the actual look. With all that, it doesn't mean the model doesn't wear any make up. The main thing is to accentuate the model's natural features and beauty.

Makeup for photography is generally heavier and more exaggerated than daily makeup. Before you begin applying your makeup you should always start with a good moisturized base for your eye area, face, and neck. (Also a big tip for models,  using a deep cleansing or deep moisturising facial mask two days before you have a professional photo shoot as it so important to have really healthy looking skin.  This will make your skin look more refreshed, it saves time for MUAs to make your skin look  better and for photographers with postproduction).

So the second step is a good makeup primer to prepare your skin for the foundation (apply on the face, eyes and never forget the neck). Now that your skin is ready we can apply the foundation ( in photography, always match your foundation color to the rest of your skin). After applying your high definition foundation, don’t forget to use the concealer to cover spots, small blemishes, and to help camouflage dark circles. 

Make sure you apply everything correctly so that you don't notice your foundation.  Try to blend everything very well (a beauty blender can be a big help), so after that fix everything with light powder, such as a high definition loose powder or a mineral makeup (mineral veil product).

Once the foundation is finished, it’s time to add more natural contours to the face. The heavy foundation plus bright lights will wash out the shadows on the face if you forget this step. 

Also, remember the blush:  the first time it should be applied and spread in a wide circle, and the second and third in progressively smaller areas, it is very important to use a small amount at a time.
Blend the edges into the skin to make it look more natural.

Fill in your brows: even if usually you don't fill in your eyebrows, fill them in for your photoshoot.  Your eyes and face will look much more complete if your eyebrows are looking polished (especially for blondes. Blonde eyebrows will disappear in photographs).

After the face, it's time to start with the eyes. Make sure to choose a colour that suits your style and eye colour, and it is very important to keep it quite natural & simple (so NO bright colours & thick eyeliner, as it will detract from your face and will concentrate all the attention on your eyes).

When you apply eyeshadow, always do the crease of your eye. Many people love wearing only one color of eyeshadow, but in pictures a single eyeshadow color usually doesn’t show up, especially if you’re using neutral tones. Make sure you create a crease of your eyes with a darker color . 

Absolutely apply mascara as it will create the deeper look for your eyes, (but don't overdo it, to not look like doll's eyes). Darker colour works better for mascara, so black is usually the best choice, even if you normally use brown.

So now it's time for the lips. Choose the medium colour (don't go too bold and obviously not too colourful), but also it has to follow the entire make up of your face. Probably the best choice would be the shade of lipstick in a pink or plum shade, it dependes on your skin tones and your hair.  You can choose between the lip gloss or lipstick (or even both), as it will give you the effect of a fresh look (lip gloss is often effective in making the lips fuller.).

 I'm sure this article was useful for you, and will help you to create a more natural look for your photoshoots.

(These are all natural looks from my photoshoots with amazing photographers: Heidi Hannele Photography, Ladyphoto, Beautography - Beauty & Photography & Simon Everiss).

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