Monday, 20 October 2014

"Frozen Blue" - Look - Tutorial

Welcome to my new Tutorial! Follow these simple steps for a stylish & elegant look.

1)  Shape the eyebrow using a pencil or angle brush & apply the eye primer or base that you normally use (I used MAC Fast Respone Eye Cream)

2) Apply the first layer of white eyeshadow or any white base, I used NYX Jumbo Milk Pencil and blend it well

 3) Apply Blue Eyeshadow in the corner of your eyelid & blend it

4) Apply white eyeshadow on top of your inner eyelid to fix the white pencil

 5) Apply a highlighter or Sparkle pigments (I used "Afterglow" by MakeupGeek ) in the middle of your eyelid & some on top of your eyelid.

6) Apply the same pigments you used above on your bottom eyelid

 7) Use blue eyeshadow as eyeliner (as you see in the picture)

8) Add white pencil on your inner bottom eyelid

 9) Add black eyeliner (I used Liquid eyeliner "Quill" by Lime Crime)

10) And the final step, apply your favourite Mascara & add false eyelashes (if you like) & your look is ready!!

The Complete Tutorial in One Picture!

The products I used for this look!!

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